Awake and Happy

Awake and Happy

Awake and Happy I have to admit, I am kind of a neurotic person. More like a realist than an optimist and I admit that it takes some power to actually see only positive side of things. What I am definitely sure about is that you have to train yourself to see the positive side of things.

I am also a “night owl”. I just love sleeping and waking up early just makes me sad, honestly, very sad. I don’t like Sunday evenings because I know that the next day I have to get up early. I read stories of super productive people who wake up at 5am with amazement and disbelief. I am sure I am not the only one.

I would like to share some tips from my morning ritual that make my days and, especially, my mornings better. Centring yourself each morning will ensure that you can end the day the same way you start it – feeling refreshed and accomplished.

Every morning do 10-25 min of yoga!

It is not actually yoga, it’s more like stretching exercises that helps me gently wake up. I can do only 10 min of some basic exercises if I am in a hurry or if I feel that it is enough. Sometimes while I’m doing my routine I listen some meditation music. OOOMMMMM …

Take an energizing shower!

Quick shower really makes my day! It helps me completely wake up, and feel better like super clean and fresh. I choose lovely shower gels with different smells and formulas. Right now, my morning favourite is Dove.

Use a fresh perfume!

I have a very fresh morning scent. It really works! The fresher my perfume is the faster it makes me feel alive. My summer favourite is Dior.

Fitbit Flex! Lena Fitbit Flex

The silent alarm feature is amazing! Simply put, the Flex gently buzzes you awake. It makes such a difference to when you don’t wake up to a noisy and irritating alarm clock. I think my primary use for the wristband is it’s silent alarm and not activity tracking.

Just keep moving forward!

Although this is not my complete daily “waking up ritual” these are some of the things that really help me to feel happier, more optimistic and proactive every morning. It is just as important to feel great as too look great. Remember, nobody wants to work with a negative person. This fall I plan to add a regular workout to my morning routine.