Back to blogging!


Happy belated New Year and Merry Christmas! I haven’t been updating my blog since last year and I really apologize for such a irresponsibility. I a have an excuse, I got a job and now I’m a typical office girl who is working all day long and who does not even have time to get her nails done. I’ve been super tired to even make a small post or any update. I hope you understand.

I promise to post more regularly and no to abandon my Silk & Brocade virtual home, but you know it doesn’t it always work out. Please follow my instagram and twitter to stay in touch with me where I am able to post on a more regular basis.

I would like to share with you a short video from my New Year’s trip to Baquera, Catalan Pyrenees. We went skiing for a whole week of Christmas and New Year and had an amazing time. How ever I am not the biggest fun of skiing. I’m more beach and sea and “doing nothing” person, so probably next year we will chose a destination more suitable to my likes. For more winter-snowboard-sport pictures check my boyfriend’s instagram account: @alxmlv, he took some amazing pictures.