Bon and Petit Food Box Experience

Bon and Petit Food Box

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will not be surprised and already know that I love food, selecting products, cooking and, of course, eating what I’ve made. I try to follow healthy lifestyle and do not eat gluten. I avoid junk and deep fried foods, and try to eat organic and natural products when available.

I love discovering new recipes and trying something new.

Last week I was invited to try out a new service Bon&Petit. I followed them on Instagram for a while however did not have a chance to try it. The concept is very simple yet quite innovative for Barcelona.

You order a box with food that will be delivered to at your preferred time within a 2 hour window. In this box you get ingredients for enough for meals for one or two people for as many days as you want. What also comes in the box, of course, are the recipes and detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to make them using the ingredients in the box. Super easy!

The concept is quite ingenious and very handy. In my case, I ordered three dinners for two people with all the necessary ingredients. It saves so much time and energy! Alex and I are always thinking what to cook during a week and sometimes you just get stuck and do not know what to cook. Often you end up in a routine meal plan and cook it over and over until you just can not stand it anymore. This happened with risotto last year. We cooked it almost so often that after a couple of months we could not even think about risotto anymore!

Bon&Petit can be an incredible time and aggravation saver! Each recipe is very easy so we did not spend more than 20-35 min to cook it and we even had some leftovers after each meal. You do not need to think what to cook or shop for the ingredients.

  • First, we tried salmon with quinoa and zucchini fried in coconut oil. Delicious!
  • Next day we had a green salad with chicken and mint topping. Fresh!
  • And finally, soup with sweet potato, carrot and curry. Yummy!

The quality of the ingredients is great!

We were happy that we had different meals every day and we did not need to think over what to make. As we have these handy recipes printed on a very nice paper we save them and we will use them sometime in a future.

When you are order a box you can check all the products that you will get and if you do not like it or you have allergy towards some of the product you could change the entire meal to another one (paying a 2 euro fee).

See what a great meals we had! For those of you guys, who live in Barcelona, I strongly recommend to give this service a try!

Follow Bon&Petit on Instagram for more delicious recipes.

Bon and Petit Food Box

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Bon and Petit Food Box

  • Rochelle Peetoom

    The Salmon looks amazing!!! Great job Bon & Petiters :-)