Bring My Eyebrows Back!


Dear friends!

I really need your support.

Last Saturday I had an appointment with @miramexxl (MirameXXL, Barcelona, calle Roger de Lluria 137) for some minor eyebrow maintenance. I carefully explained to the girl exactly what I need. I do it very carefully because my hair does not grow. I’m blond, I don’t have hair on my legs or arms and I do bikini depilation once a quarter. While this may seem like a blessing to some it is also the reason why I really worry about my eyebrows.

Despite my careful instructions and I even asked the girl if she was doing it right during the procedure. However, when the girl finished and I saw it I could not stop crying. They could not even charge me. I cried all night and the following day. They ruined my eyebrows!!!

I sent a messages to @miramexxl as I was very angry. However, their first reaction was to block me (as an insulter). I persisted and on Monday I received a call from @miramexxl. They offered me a eyebrows pallet. However, I can not use it due to an allergy to one of the active ingredients and colouring the empty space won’t bring my eyebrows back anyway.

Instead I bought an eyebrow accelerator and I asked them to pay for it. However, they refused to cover the costs. As they told me “We want every customer be happy” but obviously my case is not important.

I understand that my personal struggles pale in comparison to what’s going on in the world at large but any girl will understand my point of view as eyebrows are extremely important.

I want start a social media campaign and I need your help. Please share your bad experiences and problems with cosmetic/beauty related services. Let make them give a damn!

I’ll keep you posted on whether my eyebrows grow back over the next six months. Fingers crossed. Please share any tips you may have. #bringmyeyebrowsback

Please, stay tuned for more information.
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