Collaboration with TEENAGERS or i am 19 again!

Lena para Teenagers

I am not a teenager anymore but i am always wonder what the young generation is interested in and what they wear. I had an opportunity to see and even to try it by myself.

At Arenas shopping mall there is a store called Teenagers that offers a selection of high quality clothes for teenagers.

For my Teenagers’s look I picked comfortable and trendy leggings with black and white print, a long T-shirt, a short khaki dress with big prints, a pink scarf – collar and platform boots. Yes, very teenager of me 😉

Lena for Teenagers

I could wear this outfit to my office or on walks by the sea, shopping, while travelling or when out to lunch with friends. This is a very comfortable ensemble that could suit to a lot of occasions.

Let me know if you like my look or better go there yourself and try something out for yourself!

Find a Teenagers store closest to you here.

Lena para Teenagers