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Do you ever dream about learning how new fashion collections are created, how interesting it would be to visit a fashion factory or meet an owner of fashion brand? I do.


All my dreams came true when I was invited to Diktons Barcelona space in the Catalan capital. I think, my friends, you are thinking where could you could have heard this brand name or where you could have seen their boutique? Obviously far from H&M and Zara stores. Diktons Barcelona is far away from fast fashion and much closer to top tier brands.

The Ditons space is situated in @22, an up and coming industrial district which is the center of Barcelona’s tech startup scene. Needless to say, I was expecting to see a renovated industrial, warehouse or storage space but instead I found myself  in modern building with a spectacular views of Torre Agbar, Tibidabo mountain and a perfect place to watch stunning sunsets that turn Barcelona’s skies all shades of violet, orange and blood red.

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The space has a very friendly and comforting ambiance. Everything around pleases the eye. Although the showroom is so cosy and it uses the latest tech to light, aircondition and decorate the place. Anyone would be be lucky to work in such a wonderful atmosphere.  The space is not just showrooms since all the production and manufacturing is also based there at the same location. I’m not kidding, literary each and every stitch and thread are made in Barcelona.


In all this excitement I completely forgot to tell you Diktons’ story? The brand’s story is paramount to understanding why Diktons is so focused on quality and reputation. Diktons should be considered one of the Catalan fashion treasures and intangible assets.

Diktons was created in 1982 by Juan Antonio Pascual Carroggio and even now remain a family owned and run business. The company is now in the hand of Señor Pascual third generation whom are just a focused on the brand’s traditions and principles. Quality, style and class are the three pillars of the brand that was founded more than 30 years ago.

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Diktons doos not only a design, sew and tailor women’s clothes but also invests into thread R&D. Each thread is quintessence of the work of scientists and designers.

Diktons is one of the few remaining Spanish companies that still works in this field. Textile manufacturing used to be one of the core industries in Spain. The brand continues to respect the roots and ensures that everything is manufactured in Barcelona with the highest quality standards.

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That alone deserves respect in the age when outsourcing textile production to emerging countries is almost a norm. When was the last time you purchased a fast fashion item that was made in mainland Europe?

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Diktons operates as a high fashion brand and releases two collections each year. A winder and a summer collection. I was lucky to see their winter collection which was dedicated to deep and pastels colors that are just so cosy in winter. The timing couldn’t have been any better as winter finally descended on Barcelona.

All drawings on fabrics are handmade and no two pieces are the same.

silkandbrocade.com Diktons Barcelonapatterns

A Diktons woman is in her 30s, feminine and dynamic, confident and successful, a master at balancing her work, family and social life. A Diktons woman doesn’t choose a brand name instead she chooses quality. A Diktons woman doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. A Diktons woman does not need a lot of things but what the has is unique and exclusive.

Diktons Barcelona should be very proud of the work the team is doing every day. They do not just create and produce high-end quality goods but they do it while maintaining their cultural identity and the brand’s core values.

You should check out Diktons for yourself, stop by one of the brands stores around the world.