Dribble Dots

dribble dots

Some time ago I’ve met Jason and Michelle (Michelle has a twin sister Melissa whom I did not meet personally but heard a lot about), who are a team of an extraordinary people who makes an extraordinary product. Would you venture a guess what? Natural oils and online cooking classes.

dribble dots

Michelle and Jason are originally from California. However they settled in small town near Barcelona, where they enjoy sun, mediterranean cuisine, digital technology and each other’s company. They’ve made their own way from consulting, marketing specialists, photographers, foodies to become natural oils experts.

Dribble Dotts is small family brand that moved natural oils production and marketing into the digital age. They’ve built not only a physical product and online shop to sell it but also an entertainment platform where natural oils lovers could find all the necessary information such as cooking classes videos, extraordinary recipes, personal suggestions and blog updates.

Before starting Dribble Dots Michelle was doing cooking classes in Barcelona and as she told me she always had a passion for food and oils as in her family they had only the best ones.

Melissa as well keeps the family tradition and cooks only with the most natural oils at her restaurant in California.

dribble dots

All oils are made with love and passion that extends from contents to packaging. When I first saw these fancy, cute, fashionable bottles I was thinking this is a new cosmetic brand (check out how to use oils as cosmetic) or beauty vitamins and you imagine how surprised I was when Michelle  explained me that this is actually a natural cooking oil.

Sesame, Walnut, Pumpkinseed, Truffle, Pistachio, etc. Everything with the excepting of Sesame oil is produced in a small factory in France so each drop of oil is under their control. Sesame is produced in Japan since to the best seeds’ suppliers are found there.

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Beetin’ off beet & avocado salad with walnut oil

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