EatWith. ChatWith. BeHappyWith. An Authentic Levantine Experience in Barcelona. EatWith

I had a great experience with Eatwith barcelona in late November that I could not tell you about earlier.

Have your heard about the EatWith movement?! You really should try!

Essentially you have a complete dinner with local people, made from local products and cooked with you, together you make a table and enjoy interesting conversation. This is quite popular in the US, mostly in New York, I’ve read an article about something similar about three years ago and was waiting for this to finally arrive in Barcelona.

Joel is responsible person for Eatwith in Europe. Very kind and open person who knows everything about where to eat the best food. EatWith This time I had a chance to try Levantine cuisine. To be honest I have never tried anything similar before (except humus from Mercadona). That night the host was Rana, biochemical student from UAB who just happens to be the most amazing Levantine chief in Barcelona. The food was just perfect. Humus, meat, and everything else (there name I could not remember) were so tasty that people who came to the dinner could not stop repeating: ”¡Que rico! ¡Om nom nom! ¡Que rico!” EatWith EatWith EatWith Most of all I like the milk and rose water with nuts desert.

EatWith, and especially Joel and Andrea, thank you very much for inviting me and sharing this amazing experience!

Enjoy the pictures and do not forget to book you own Eatwith dinner!

Oh! Last but not least, anyone can be a host! So signup and host your own dinner,  while getting paid for it. EatWith EatWith