Everyday gems. October tips.

Paris silk and brocade

Even Barcelona is not immune to the inevitable coming of Autumn. Temperatures are dropping making the air feel fresher, rainy days are more frequent and days are getting shorter. However, it is not all bad. The colours are sharper, incredible cloud formations are common and the air fresh.

It is no coincidence that all fashion shows start in autumn. Almost as an excuse to treat yourself to new things to feel comfortable in the season. I love boots, I find them very attractive and comfortable, black, brown and brandy! Autumn is the best excuse to wear boots!

This fall, I fell in love with these pretty Zara boots!

Zara Boot

What else can we do?

Energy Drink

Cut a bit of ginger, half a lemon and pour 1 litre of hot water. Add 5 tea spoons of honey. Let the drink cool down naturally in room temperature and voila! Amazing, fresh, bitter and sweet drink is ready! Can be drunk cold or hot!

honeygingerlemon drink

Eat Out

Definitely eat out! Discover new places, try new foods. Experiment! Autumn is a best time to eat mushrooms and oysters. Even vegetables are tastier! Go to small local restaurants, remember new recipes and try to make them your self for your friends and family!

  eat out silk and brocade


Buy yourself new perfume. Changing perfume helps you change the season and open yourself to new discoveries. Something sweet, enveloping and tender. Imagine you are in the arms of a loved one! Or, perhaps,  something fresh, cold and mint to give yourself an extra energy boost.

diptique perfume

DIY Cosmetics

Make your scrub yourself! It is easy. All you need is some fresh ground or used coffee, mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of honey and 1 spoon of olive oil. Mix it well and add 1-3 drops of orange or lavender essential oil and mix again. Orange oil gives energy and lavender helps to relax.  Keep it in the fridge and enjoy!

CoffeeScrub silk and brocade


Just as there are summer destinations, there are locations that are better in the Fall. Take a trip. A long one or a short one it doesn’t matter. The best destination is definitely Paris. Only in Paris you can: drink super ginger-lemon drink, eat in a fancy restaurant, choose the best perfume (french people know what to suggest) and in Paris you can buy super natural ingredients for you DIY cosmetics. Lets not forget about incredible shopping, of course. So keep calm and go to Paris!

paris 2 silk and brocade

See you in Paris!