Fashion Box Box

Continuing topic of Pandora boxes I will tell you about my new fashion box: Bisu. The principe is the same as the BirchBox one, but pieces that you receive are fashion/home living elements. Box

My March Bisu box contained:

An amazing cup for tea with filter

2 red tea bags

Peach Candle

Iron Box 15×15 cm

Incense with a fruity smell

Blue watch WX

I absolutely love my cup and the box, they are super useful. However the rest, the incense and the candle look and smell cheap, and I personally hate cheap smells. Who does? I did not pay attention that I paid 13,90 for this box until my boyfriend told me that I am a crazy to pay almost 14 euro for something like that. My first box was nice, I got scarf and hat, a bracelet, neck and lace and a little wallet for coins. Well, for now I would rather cancel my subscription instead of being disappointed. Box

That said, I found something new in the box world. Stay tuned.