My February BirchBox

Have you noticed how quickly beauty-boxes of all kinds became so popular. So popular that almost every blogger has featured them at least once?

If you do not know what beauty box is I’ll quickly explain. It is  basically a box that is sent to you by post every month (it is a subscription service), the cost can vary from 10 till 20 $ or euro. The main principle of each box that you do not know what you going to receive. I mean you know if it is a beauty box you will have a beauty product if it is a fashion or food box it will be fashion items or food respectively. Basically, it is kind of a fruit of the month club for fashion lovers.

It took me a while to make up my mind for that adventure. You know I love my skin and I take  real care of it and for me this activity is like to buy a pig in a poke. Anyway I was seduced by other beauty bloggers and could not resist to try one.

I’ve chosen a Birchbox that’s the most popular in  the USA and Europe, and one of the few that is easily attainable in Spain. The only one actually :)

Let’s see what I have in my February Birchbox.

silkandbrocade BirchBox February 2014 Chella Ivory Lace. Highlighter in a pencil shape. Very good quality, nice color, tolerable ingredients. It last all day long and does not irritate my eyes.

Kueshi Body Scrub. It smells good and works well. I would say it’s nothing special, quite average body scrub, I would not suggest it to a sensitive skin due to its aggressiveness.

Eyeko Mini Black Liquid Eyeliner. I am not into eyeliners at all but this one brand I always wanted to try and it’s not distributed in Spain.

Blanc Cachemire Day Creme. I do not like glucoside in the ingredients, probably will try it for my hands instead of face.

Beauty protector Argan Oil for Hair. It smells amazing, something super super sweet and bitter and works OK, one more time nothing very extraordinary.

 Overall, this was good experience, I will give a chance to one more Birchbox. Will keep you updated.