Feeling Crazy at Aristocrazy

Yesterday I was invited to Aristocrazy boutique and studio on Paseo de Garcias 75 in Barcelona for a presentation of their new campaign “Paris 2014/2015”.
Being a huge fan of their jewelry I really loved the “affordable” luxury concept. New collection is all about young spirit, creative mind, luxury textures and chic elements. I loved all the new pieces and couldn’t really pick a favourite.
I wear these pieces every day, in the morning slick silver earrings for example and at night big golden rings and bracelets. I’ve a little bracelet with a fancy skull my boyfriend got me last year and I practically never take it off.
I also like that each piece is made of whether gold or silver, and the quality is superb.
I went a little crazy at Aristocrazy and couldn’t wait to show you what I got from the new collection.