Gala Gonzales for BirchBox

Gala Gonzales BirchBox

Oh My God! I can not explain how happy I was to be invited to the first BirchBox event in Barcelona.

Birchbox presented a new collaboration with a celebrity blogger Gala Gonzales and her new nail polishes collection GalaGems.

Gala Gonzales BirchBox

It was a really well put together event.

[By the way, do you know what is all about? If you missed something, please read this post.]

I was following BirchBox story for some time before they actually expanded to Spain. I really admire how two friends from Harvard University have implemented the evolutionary business idea. In a short time these two friends managed to build a multinational company and that has performed well  in the USA, France, Spain and the UK.

Hayley Barna BirchBox


Hayley Barna BirchBox Hayley Barna BirchBox

I knew that Hayley, one of the co-founders would be at the event, and I was really hoping to have a chance to talk with her. I did.  She is such an adorable, clever and open-minded girl.

I love the place that they have picked up for the event, huge apartment at Paseo de Gracias, with high ceilings, big window, and a cute terrace. For me it was an A+ event.

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