How To Grow Your Eyebrows. Part One

How To Grow (Back) Your Eyebrows

How to grow your eyebrows?

Every girl knows that the eyebrows frame the face. The most popular beauty trend nowadays is bushy eyebrows. Your entire look changes if you overplucked your brows. This often happens in beauty salons due to lack of experience (like it happened to me at Mirame XXXL) and education of salon’s personnel. Pick up your salon very carefully. Once it happened to me, my brows were over-plucked and I ended up looking for a magic remedy to grow my brows back as fast as possible.

The golden rule of overplucking says: less than more. Over-plucking leads to diminished growth of the brows. In some cases hair will never grow back. To grow hair is very hard process that takes time, money and a lot of patience.

Let’s start with some things that I know will work for most people.

How To Grow (Back) Your Eyebrows

1. Eyebrow Accelerator

Ultimate Lash & Brow Serum by My Chelle is expensive but it works. This serum strengthens not only brows but also lashes. I’ve been trying this serum for a couple of days and my brows didn’t fill out but are definitely thicker and darker. The package is quite small and expensive. You should use it once a day, preferably before going to bed. It contains apple fruit stem cells, lupine protein and cactus flower extract. It promises increases in length and thickness as much as 25% in about two weeks. (OMG!!!) Sound incredible. I’ll keep you updated.

2.  Traditional Remedy On A Budget

Castor oil is the most affordable and handy treatment for your brows. Castor oil can be easily found in pretty much all pharmacies for less than $10. Rub it in twice a day with a little massage, then give your brows form using a special brush or clean up any brush from mascara.

Keep using it for as long as you can. Your brows will look thicker and healthier in no time. Bonus: You also can use castor oil for your split ends!

3. You Are What You Eat

While growing your brows back try to eat an avocado a day. It is the best source of vitamin E, K and B6. Add it to salads or make home made guacamole. You could also make avocado mask for eyebrows as follows. Take a teaspoon of avocado and mix it with a half of tablespoon castor oil or olive oil (or any other oil really), put it on your brows and leave for 10ap – 15 minutes. Repeat once or twice a week.

These are my tips to grow my brows. What are yours?

How To Grow (Back) Your Eyebrows

How To Grow (Back) Your Eyebrows