Hi Cotzy, how are you?

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A couple of week ago at dinner a friend of mine mention a local handmade jewelry brand, Cotzy. I could not help but to keep thinking about this somewhat strange name. Next day, my friend pointed me towards the brand’s Instagram account and that was the day I first time met Cotzy.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I loved each one of Cotzy’s pieces when I first saw them. However, since I am a curious person by nature looking at the photos was obviously not enough. I wanted to meet the Cotzy team personally, find out more about them and I really wanted to know what Cotzy actually meant.
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Cotzy is a team of two sisters-in-law Carly y Maria. As you would expect, they are nice, hospitable and easy-going. The idea to create handmade jewelry came to them spontaneously last year when Maria was planning her wedding and was looking for some little gifts to her guests. She could not find anything she liked and Carla suggested that they just make little bracelets for the guests themselves.

The bracelets were a hit at the wedding! As word-of-mouth spread in just weeks they were taking order for more bracelets for other wedding and at to sell in small showrooms around the city.
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Today, the girls are very busy searching for new ideas and techniques to create and promote Cotzy. An accidental business that they love. Of course, they invest a lot in social media, participate in street markets and are planning to launch online shop very soon.

Cotzy’s collections are usually organized by seasons but they also create limited edition items for special occasions such as the current Christmas collection that you can order just now.

silkandbrocade.com Cotzy things I personally like their style as it is very clean, eco and minimalistic. All pieces are handmade and have a great story behind them. The must have is a bracelet with your name’s first letter that they make to order.

Last but not least, Cotzy is was supposed to be “cozy”. However, when the girls heard how their German friend mispronounced “cozy” they fell in love with it.

Contact Cotzy and order your own personalized bracelet and follow them on Instagram Cotzybcn.

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