Keep calm and never buy shit! shopping


The rebajas or the sales season in Catalunya runs from the 7th of January until the 7th of March. The discount start from a modest 10% until  they reach 70%, 80% or 90% at the end of the sales season. This time is a nightmare not only for shopaholics but for all customers. These three months account for the highest number of spontaneous and often stupid purchases made that we will be regretting until June when summer sales start :)

Here few tips to hopefully avoid some of the simple mistakes that we all make.

Ask yourself do I really need this? Then tell yourself that you can survive without!

Stop! Think twice before you buy anything. Will this piece be suitable for your look in 6 months? Do you even have a space in your wardrobe to put it? Do you have clothes with what you can mix and match this piece? Can you actually afford it?

Use your networks! Ask your friend via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for advice.

If you have any doubts about buying something. Just give it time. If you still “need” it in a few hours or the next day after thinking or not thinking about then, perhaps, you may actually need it.

Watch your mood. Never go shopping in a negative, furious or nervous mood. You’ll end up shopping your way to a “happier” place.

Research. We live in a wonderful time when access to information including product reviews and opinions has never been easier. As a general rule, doing a little bit of research online can save you a lot of grief. Whether it is before sales start or when thinking about buying something specific. Just google it, read some reviews or fashion blogs.

Take pictures. Share them with friends and save them. Having a visual reference can really help you later on when making a buying decision.

Make a wish list! Take note of item barcodes with app like Red Laser, make a notebook in Evernote for product reviews, photos, ideas and comments. Nobody can remember everything all the time so it helps to use the some of the tools available.

Spend smart! Make a budget any follow it. Remember that is not the last sales in your life, each purchase should make you happy and never buy it just because it is “cheap”!

Download “Shopaholic’s survival guide”:

These 3 month will be a very difficult time to any shopaholic. Keep this guide at your iPad, iPhone and PC. Remember that sometimes the better deal you don’t buy offline. Keep calm and keep shopping. Fashion Infographic