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One of my New Year’s resolution was to be more conscious of my spending. Like a lot of people I sometimes buy unnecessary things. I see a piece of clothes, I imagine a story with myself and this piece involved and I buy it. Alternatively, I just buy something on impulse when passing by a store. Sales … are my worst enemy! Items on sale for 20, 15 or 10 euro just can not stop attracting me. I do not even need these things and they will end up in my wardrobe for nobody can know how long. I will be always thinking that next time I will put it on and, guess what, that never happens. All this new stuff just keeps on accumulating and robbing me of space in my wardrobe where something good and useful could be stored. Things that I would use daily, that I would love wearing every day, things that would make me happy and give a boost to my self-confidence.

This is why I decided to be more conscious about my spending habits. Of course, winter sales did not pass me by without some 9.99 euro sacrifices but I keep trying!

I try to invest in better things, classical clothes and accessories. I also try to wear more of my existing clothes that I have forgotten about and I donated a lot of clothes that I decided I will never wear again.

To cheer myself up a little bit and to add to my wardrobe more wearable and quality pieces I decided to go to one of my favourite shops, COS. I love COS very much but consider it a little bit pricey for everyday shopping. I was looking for a simple and masculine belt that I could wear with jeans, skirts and tie up with dresses.

I liked this leather belt in black. It is basic and can be combined with many different looks. It works well with all kind of office clothes which is important to me as I work in an office.

I also like this interesting ring made of metal and rubber. It is very comfortable and a little bit hipster style.

Another piece that I loved from the moment I saw it is this H&M bracelet. Normally, I do not buy accessories in H&M as they seem very cheap but this one I think is very classic and is perfect good for the office.

All these pieces are very easy to mix and match with different styles. I repeat this mantra to feel less guilty for my spendings and I will keep you updated on my fashion essentials’ news.


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