November Catch Up November Catch Up

It has been a while since the last update but I was extremely busy in November with new collaborations and openings.

I will quickly tell you what has happened in November:

 Waterbike November Catch Up November Catch Up

Are you a sporty person? How many times a week do you workout? Do you workout every morning?

It doesn’t matter if you answered “yes” to most of of the above or “no” because everyone should strive to be in the best shape possible. November Catch Up

Although I work out regularly. However, since I hate sweating I picked pilates, yoga and swimming as much sports of choice. Great activities but they obviously can’t compare to high intensity cardio when it comes to burning fat. Last week I was suggested a new activity to try out. Waterbike. It is quite literally a stationary bike in water but with a twist.

As you would expect, it is a water tank with a stationary bike. You sit inside in your swimming suit and water comes up about waist level. As you do you 20/30/45 min cycling routine you can listen to music, as you normally would while working out.  However, since you are in an individual cabine they mute the main light and turn on colour changing lights similar to Colour Therapy Capsula. The twist, aka the best part, are the different kinds of streams working as a jacuzzi so even if you are cycling you can have water massage. On the one hand, you are working out, losing calories and minimizing cellulitis. On the other hand, you are relaxing, drinking green tea, orange juice, enjoying a water massage and light therapy. Perfect. November Catch Up

I can see how waterbike could become one of my favourite activities. The price is affordable price. Everyone should give waterbike a shot!

Fupe Barcelona November Catch Up

I was always wondered whether there was another high end multibrand store in Barcelona besides Santa Eulalia.

Imagine my surprise when a friend of mine invited me to Fupe Barcelona showroom event. Apparently, there is a multibrand luxury store besides Santa Eulaia that carries Moncler, Henry Cotton’s and other brands of note.

It was a very elegant evening. All of Catalan high society came there to have a glass of dry rose and with some jamon while they enjoyed the show. November Catch Up