How to organize a good event? Just follow the 4 marketing P’s. Cecilia de Rafael

Last Monday was invited to a very distinctive event. When I say distinctive I mean special and really different, something that I have not experienced before. This Catalan lingerie brand has invited all of their friends and customers to a very special :) place to show off the new luxury collection :)

You are probably wondering what do I mean? Let me organize my endless flow of emotions and get across want to say.

As a marketing person I pay attention to each and every detail of the events where I’ve invited. The 4 notorious marketing Ps are always in my mind. Let’s quickly go over them.

Product: The most important thing in every marketing mix. If your product is a garbage nothing will help.

Cecilia de Rafael offers complete collections of pantyhose, seamless underwear and Baby Line – hosiery products for kids.

Place: OMG! The place! This is THE place. I’m a fan on minimalism and brick walls so that was the best place to set up an event. Two spacious floors, high ceilings and loud music. All these details made the atmosphere similar to a  private lounge.

Promotion: Good cava, luxury presents, good food and fresh juices.

Price: I’m sure that this kind attention to your visitors is priceless.

I really like my new silk scarf, high-end tights that you can turn inside out and fine capron tights with a fancy print (find out more here lena_s_b Instagram).

Thank you very much Cecilia de Rafael team! Cecilia de Rafael