Spring is in the air

Spring in Barcelona

It has been a while that I’ve posted anything. Honestly, I don’t really have an excuse. I was not much busier than before or I did not launch any new projects. I was just enjoying spring.

Spring is such an amazing time in Barcelona. It smells of vanilla ice cream and the salty sea. Quite a strange association, isn’t it?

Of all the spring months I love April the most. Perhaps, mostly because my birthday happens to be in April.

April is a young, warm, fresh and, always, long-awaited month. April feels like a Friday or a pre-Christmas. You know you have all summer ahead, vacation, swimming in the warm sea, bitter spritz Aperol and yoga on the beach. (Not necessarily in that order.) You know it will come very soon and this makes butterflies in your stomach tenderly flutter their wings. You feel vertigo and you can not explain why. You just feel happy and excited.

This is “my Spring”

However I was not very busy with work, many things have passed by. I link down below to my spring posts:

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Spring in Barcelona Spring in Barcelona