Summer, See You next Summer!

Costa Algarve Portugal

Summer is officially over and I miss it already. Perhaps because it was full of unforgettable impressions such as Minorca, Gran Canarias, Nice, Venice, LT Summit in Brussels and all the little towns in Costa Brava. So many amazing memories and I have even more plans to realise.

Lisbon second day Silk and Brocade

The second week of September I will definitely “store” in my Little Impression Box. I had an amazing weeklong vacation in Portugal! Portugal left an impression. Honestly it’s an extremely different country from all other European countries that I have visited so far. Poor and rich at the same time.

Portugal Poor and Rich Silk and Brocade

The first day my boyfriend and I spent in Lisbon, an old and attractive city with its own vibe. It has impressive perception of time and innovation. Luxury hotel could adjoin completely damaged 14th century buildings. The cheapest bacalau could be as tasty as an expensive delicacy. The cheapest wine could be the tastiest drink.

Food Silk and Brocade

We had a delicious dinner at 100 Maneiras restaurant on top of one of Lisbon’s many hills. I am certain that the main character of “The Night in Lisbon” had his dinner somewhere close. Foie gras and fig lasagne was mind-blowing. Very tasty yet simple to make. I will attempt to prepare it myself one day very soon.

Cascais Portugal

Then we went to Cascais, a beautiful suburb of Lisbon, located just in front of the Atlantic Ocean. It left an incredible feeling of wild open water. After spending two amazing days there we were ready to go South.

Costa Algarve Portugal

 The remaining five days we spent in Costa Algarve in a small but extremely touristic city. Living a stone’s through away from the ocean.

Lagos Graffiti

After a week in Portugal I fell in love with Barcelona again. I think that I was so used to living here that I forgot how amazing this city is. Nonetheless, I will remember Portugal and its warm water, tasty wine and the tender sun will warm me up in winter.

Portugal vacation