Top 4 Dublin Attractions

Trinity College

Dublin is the greenest destination, ever.

 As soon as you land in Dublin (Ireland) airport your eyes are blinded and not by the sun. In fact, you would be lucky if you catch a sunny day or even an hour. However, even in overcast weather it is like somebody cranked up the contrast to the max. It’s because it’s so green, nature bleeds with all shades of green. Light green, deep green, dirty green and lush green. They say that the human eye could recognize more green shades than the other colors and Dublin is proof of that.

 I love Dublin so much, it’s such an attractive little city, seems all illustration from my childrens’ detective and horror books were inspired by this city. Small, normally two or three stores buildings with fences and wickets, made of dark red or bloody brown bricks. So inspiring and so dreamlike.

 Although my trip was quite short I have some tips to share with you.

 Trinity College

 Definitely go inside the fence of this amazing little city that was built in 1594. Feel like a student again. This is an incredible feeling staying at the same place where Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Nathaniel Lande and even young Courtney Love stayed.

 An Old Castle Tour

 Just near by a touristic area you can find an entrance to an old castle with a very picturesque garden.

 Embankment Walk

 Dublin is a port city. It has a sea nearby and there is river Liffey that goes through the city.

 Irish Pubs

Of course you have to go to Irish pubs, authentic pubs with a lot of different kind of beers and ales, you also can actually find a gluten free drinks too.

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