Turban is your new fashion accessory

A couple of weeks ago Cristina from My Secret Shopping pitched an extremely cute idea to at our local fashion and beauty blogger community get together. She was in love with the latest Elle Look Book and proposed to dedicate a whole blog post to an odd, peculiar or freaky fashion element. A Spongebob T-shirt, a garbage bag dress and so on. I was lucky enough to have to write about a turban as the topic of my post.

silkandbrocade.com turban

A turban is a headdress with rich fashion history that has come in and out fashion many times. Many fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior sang an ode to the turban at some point in time during their careers. Despite that my boyfriend questioned my fashion sense when I tried to go out wearing one. It’s a pity, since that day my turban is collecting in the wardrobe.

Traditionally, a turban was what people called a particular type of headgear worn by women in Western countries but obviously the word came from the East. The wearing of such turbans by women in Western societies is less common than it was earlier in the 20th century, just remember Rembrandt’s Girl with a Pearl Earring or some centuries later Greta Garbo.

I would connect the modern interest to turban as a fashion accessory due to a sufficient level of immigrants coming from the East. Anyway turban is a very nice thing that you can not probably wear in office but definitely a good idea for a going out look.

silkandbrocade.com turban You can wear turban not only like a fashion accessory but also as a highly useful tool when you need to dry you hair after a shower.

silkandbrocade.com turban

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