All These Candles


I love burning candles, they make me feel calm and balanced. I like how the wick is burning and how the flame eats the wax. I also like burning candles because they create a sensation of luxury. I always imagine a story when I’m lightening my candles.

I like big, really massive candle jars as they seems cosier and you can reuse them for other things once the candle burns up. To keep you cosmetics, make-up brushes, pens or use it as a vase. Speaking of brands, I do not like very cheap candles from drugstores, they fume a lot and usually smell very artificial. I’m not sure I would spend a fortune on a candle but from time to time I like to treat myself.

I find this big Zara Home candles quite good and they are rather affordable. This particular Black Vanilla I got on sale for 9.99. They last a long time and smell nice.

For my last birthday Alex gave me my first Diptyque candle. I love the packaging, I love the smell and I love how it burns.

For a little treat I recently got this gorgeous Jo Malone candle. This is the smallest size and it cost me about 25 euro which is slightly expensive for an every day candle in my opinion, I will use it for my home spa treatments.

Here some ideas when you may need light a candle:

  1. You are traveling and staying in a hotel or a new apartment – light a candle to feel cosier.
  2. You recently moved into a new place – use your favourite candle to feel like at home.
  3. You are having a romantic dinner with your loved one – light a candle for more sensuality.
  4. You just having a dinner – light a candle and turn a regular dinner into a romantic one.
  5. Home alone evening – light a candle, make yourself a cup of tea, put on some music, take some “you time”
  6. Meditation – lighting a candle is a great way to help yourself to concentrate.

Do you have suggestion when should you lighten a candle?

All These Candles

All These Candles

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