His Beauty Favourites


I have tons and tons of boxed, jars and bottles stored with love in my bathroom. My stuff occupies almost all the space and somewhere there there is teeny – tiny island for my boyfriend’s products.

He, just as about 90% of all male population, does not care about skin care at all. I try to help him as much as I can and I share, recommend and give him some products. He never cares about the brand or ingredients but he takes into consideration packaging, smell and texture. It should be fresh, moisturising and very light.

As it is alway very difficult to chose the one he would like, I try to share with him my favourites. Recently he has been using my REN cosmetics. His Beauty Favourites so far are:

Foaming Cleanser for all skin types – he loves this type of formula and the light rosy smell.

As a moisturizer he uses Vita Mineral daily supplement moisturising cream – this cream goes in pair with cleanser and has a very silky texture and absorbs very fast.

This week he has been testing a couple of products by KORRES.

Aftershave and Borage Men’s Cream, anti-shine moisturiser with SPF 6, and so far so good.

These products smell good and are dermatologically tested, paraben free, mineral oil free, silicone free, wheat free and ethanolamine free. Almost all natural ingredients.

For the eye area he has a BIOTHERM HOMME High Recharge Eye Shot – a cooling gel with a massager.

For hair styling he has been using ICON gel wax for a long time and he is quite satisfied with the results.

What are your boyfriend’s favorites?

His Beauty Favourites

His Beauty Favourites