Is Chlorella Superfood the New Black?


To eat healthier, to consciously think about the products I use, to eat more natural, healthier and organic foods – this was one of my my New Year’s resolutions.

As you may already know I am a gluten free enthusiast and I try to completely avoid gluten in my diet. I have also reduced the amount of dairy products I consume as dairy is not very good for adults.

This is all good but I had to ask myself where will I get a sufficient amount of protein and calcium and iron while removing bread, pasta, yogurt and milk from my diet? The solution came in the form of superfood supplements.

Recently I started to use chlorella superfood supplement. This is a powder from organic algae chlorella that’s very rich in protein, vitamin B, iron and other minerals. A lot of what your body needs in one spoon (or you can find it in pills).

In the morning I take one spoon of chlorella mixed with a bit of water and drink it before breakfast. It has a very heavy algae or seafood smell so I try not to breath as I drink it. I get quite an energy kick from it! I feel better, my skin looks better and my body get all it needs.

Just give it a try! Mix it in with green smoothies (if you are not lazy to make them), juices or water. You also could substitute salt with chlorella and use it as a salt substitute topping for meals. I’ll keep researching superfoods and will update you on my findings! So, stay tuned!

Is Chlorella Superfood the New Black?

Is Chlorella Superfood the New Black?