Korean Cosmetics & Skincare Guide


I can not contain my emotions. I want to share my latest discovery with you!
This is probably the best and coolest discovery of the season. Recently a new Korean cosmetics shop opened in Barcelona (well new, the first, the one and the unique). I was lucky to be the first to interview the founder of this shop.

You know I love trying cosmetics, I love discovering new brands and I love great products. I’ve been missing Korean products since last year when we’ve spent in San Francisco, where Korean beauty brands are not something unique. People are not afraid to try Asian beauty products.

Nowadays West is learning from the fast developing East. We discover eastern treasures that was hidden for most of us.

I was lucky to meet Lilin the owner and founder of the MiiN cosmetics shop and chat with her about beauty, trends, skincare and fashion.

Then we spoke about beauty, trends and brands, about business. Lilin has shared some of her insides for young entrepreneurs. And finally we’ve spoke of her favourite places to live, travel, eat and shop.
Lilin came from China but she was traveling a lot over Asia and with she found out that Korean beauty care is the most sophisticated one.

First of all, I think we need to discuss what MiiN means.

What is Miin, I asked her? Miin means  – “beautiful person”, “bella persona”

In Korea women take care a lot about natural, authentic beauty – natural glowy, healthy skin. And of course high sun protection. Lilin personally make at least four face masks per week and never forget about daily sun protection.

She also eats very healthy, very close to vegetarian lifestyle. She does yoga and loves jogging.

Her all favourite brands you may find in the shop, where her colleague Sara will help you to find the best solution for you skin type, but here you have some sneak peaks:

  • Nourishing Cream With Snails Extract
  • Hydrating Cream
  • Easy To Apply Foundation
  • Patch Mask

I’ve tried these mask and I’m an absolutly loved it. It’s a great treatment for a very good looking skin just in 15 min.

Lilin suggests every young entrepreneur try things and not be scary of any difficulty that may come. She reads a lot of business literature but tries not lose anything from the beauty field as well. She dedicates a lot of time to digital and online marketing as she is sure that this is the future.

Lilin adore Barcelona, she loves this calm and quiet mediterranean lifestyle. Her favourite Asian place in Barcelona is Soban de Jo Lee.

As every girl Lilin loves fashion, we agreed that Maje is one of the best choices for girls, also she likes &otherstories and COS.

She loves traveling, especially she loves Asia: Seoul, Hong Kong, ChongQing.

It was such a pleasure to speak with young and inspiring female entrepreneur! By the way she also has an online shop: http://www.miin-cosmetics.com they ship worldwide.

Korean Cosmetics & Skincare Guide

Korean Cosmetics & Skincare Guide

Korean Cosmetics & Skincare Guide

Korean Cosmetics & Skincare Guide